Bag given packaging machine advantages
Date:2012-06-11 Source:YiLong Packaging CO.,LTD Tag:Bag Given Packing Machine

  Bag given packaging machine Advantages:

  1, It is easy to operate using PLC & touch screen. Besides we use frequency & cam to guarantee the stable working ability.

  2, We use frequency then can adjust the bag packing speeds freely according to customer production needs.

  3, the function of automatic detection, such as the opening of the bag or the bag opening is incomplete, not feeding, no heat sealing, the bag can be used again, do not waste material, to save the cost of production.

  4, We use door open alarming device to guarantee the workers healty safety.

  5, We use blet bag magazine which can put many bags to save customer put bags time & save one worker.

  6, It is only wasting 10-15 minutes to adjust the different bag sizes by one screw on our Bag given packaging machine.

  7, We use the plastic bearing to reduce the pollution for the foods.

  8, We use vacuum opening bag to guarantee the bag opening rate.

  9, We can pack the bag style from zipper bag, stand-up bag, flat bag , gusset bag & so on. For the zipper bag we have special device to open & close zipper successfully. For the gusset bag we also have special device to open gusset.

  10, Packaging machine's bag wasting is lowest because we use no bag no filling no sealing to save the money in every day using.

  11, The Bag given packaging machine we use 304 stainless steel to meet future needs ( food safety ). Also we can pack De-air from the bag or fill nitrogen into the bag to guarantee the products safty.

  12, bag Packaging machine can match different doser packing the products from solid, liquid, granule, powder & so on.

  13, Packaging machine bag materials from aluminium, PE, OPP, PP, paper-pe & so on.





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