about Packaging machine maintenance
Date:2012-06-11 Source:YiLong Packaging CO.,LTD Tag:Bag Given Packing Machine

  Now at the end of winter, winter and spring seasons of exchange, at this time, the vacuum Bag given packaging machine maintenance also need to change of seasons and different.Vacuum packaging machine food processing production of the most common equipment, the price is higher, if the purchase of equipment quality problem, so during the production losses will be immeasurable, daily in the maintenance process also needs to pay more attention to it, so that it can be enterprises to reduce unnecessary expenses, lower production costs, improve enterprise efficiency.

  Is currently the most frequently used vacuum packaging machine according to the vacuum chamber of the number of hours can be divided into single room and double room, double room for reciprocating room, single room for turning plate chamber, vacuum chamber can be divided into two vacuum chamber, vacuum chamber support displacement of four links, each axis on the two before and after the root, must remain parallel, two groups of connecting rod must remain relatively parallel, to ensure that the vacuum chamber in any position under the same vacuum chamber maintained in parallel, otherwise, the vacuum chamber, cannot remain parallel, actuating pressure increase significantly, serious when can't even normal establishment of vacuum.Single chamber vacuum packaging machine with double chamber vacuum packaging machine is compared, double chamber vacuum packaging machine in the working efficiency is remarkably high, fast speed, and the operation simple, but the single chamber vacuum packaging machine also has its advantages, the user choice, according to the practical situation and decided to.

  Some of the more easily put bad goods need to use vacuum packing machine in a relatively closed environment are responsible for packaging, the loss is immeasurable, in the seasons if the equipment maintenance method is undeserved, will cause the equipment can not be used, the enterprise produces the inconvenience, so in the vacuum packaging machine seasons the equipment needed for a big check, especially in lubrication, needs to fasten place careful detection.On the equipment components fastening needs according to the goods to be packed in adjusting the size of vacuum packaging machine size, convergence in equipment lubrication, making work more smoothly, the most important is the device requires a thorough cleaning, and equipment facilities needed the degree of sealing, and put it in a dry environment, ensure equipment will not be liquid and other corrosive thing damage.Read the instruction, you will generally above give clear instructions, as in the vacuum pump maintenance, gas need to be aware of which, we need to avoid the misoperation.Recognition of vacuum packaging machine in the process of running really thrown when a failure timely closure of power, pressing the emergency stop button, and so again after deflation machine cover, turn off voltage, to various parts of the investigation, see the topic really thrown in what place.


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