What is the bag given packaging machine
Date:2012-06-11 Source:YiLong Packaging CO.,LTD Tag:Bag Given Packing Machine

  The Bag given packaging machine which replaces the manual packaging, for large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises to realize the automation of packaging, operators as long as will do a good job of a disposable bag, hundreds of bags in the equipment bag taking part,Packing machine will catch automatic bag, date printing, the opening of the bag, weighing and feeding, sealing, output.

  Customers can also be based on the product packaging needs additional door stop, automatic card, abnormal discharge and other details function, packaging the entire process needs no manual work, effective for your company improve production efficiency, saves the labor cost and management cost, greatly reduces the cost.

  Its applicable scope is extremely broad, can be used for paper plastic composite, plastic composite plastic, aluminum-plastic composite, PE composite, package material loss is low, the use is ready for packaging bags, packaging bags pattern perfectly, sealing quality is good, so as to improve the product quality; also the use of a machine, only according to different material supporting different measuring device can realize the particles, powder, bulk, liquid, soft canned food, toys, hardware and other products of the full automatic packaging.



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