Bag given packing machine six suggestions
Date:2012-06-11 Source:YiLong Packaging CO.,LTD Tag:Bag Given Packing Machine

  1, the first to determine their own will be purchased automatic Bag given packaging machine which some products.Some bag packaging machinery manufacturers product variety many, in the purchase of bag packaging machine, and a device to pack his all varieties.It is often dedicated machine than compatible machine packing effects.A bag given packaging machine packaging varieties is best not more than 3-5 varieties.Also, the shape and size of a big gap between the products as much as possible to separate bag packaging machine.

  2, cost-effective is the first principle.At present the domestic production of packaging machine with bag quality than previously had very great progress, so the price of domestic machines can buy entrance machine quality.

  3, as far as possible to buy manipulation maintenance of simple, accessories complete, fully automatic continuous feeding mechanism, the vertical packaging machine efficiency and reduce the labor cost, suitable for the long-term development of enterprises.

  4, as far as possible the selection has a long history of the famous brand packaging enterprises, quality has safeguard.Selection of technology is mature, quality stable models, so that the automatic bag packaging machine faster and more stable, low energy consumption, low hand, low reject rate.Packaging machine consumption only machine, if the purchase of low quality machine, in the daily production in the days and months multiplying extravagant packaging film, the decision is not a small number, especially now the rise of pillow type packaging machine.

  5, after sale service, "the circle" to have a good reputation.After sale service timely, accessible, particularly to food processing enterprises is especially important.

  6, if the fieldwork, should note the significant aspect, should pay more attention to small details, details of decision quality often machine.As much as possible with a sample test machine.




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