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 Core values​​: efficiency, progress, cooperation, innovation


Business philosophy: do the trustworthy products,  do sincere and efficient service

• Focus on long-term development of enterprises, not to hurt the user value due to their own interests;

• a deep understanding of the packaging needs of users, constantly trusted products to meet user needs;

• Emphasize communication with the users of the service, fast response to user, sincere service users.


Management philosophy: caring staff, training staff, make the best use of staff

• provide staff with a good working environment and incentives;

• Improve staff training system and career development paths, so that employees and businesses grow together;

Full respect for and trust in employees, continue to guide and encourage, and enable them to make the joy of achievement.


Corporate vision: the most popular packaging machinery business

• continue to listen to and meet customer needs, guide and exceed the needs of users, welcomed by the users;

• enhance the enterprise and industry position and brand image, so that employees with a high degree of business sense of honor and pride, and welcomed by the staff;

• To promote the healthy development of the packaging machinery industry partners, and welcomed by the industry;

• Focus on corporate responsibility, service and social development, and actively contribute to the community, and welcomed by the community.