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Qingdao yilong packaging machinery co., LTD was registered in 1999 in the coastal city of Qingdao, is China's first fully automatic bag packaging machine of professional production companies, is also the Chinese to the bag type automatic packaging machine industry standards (JB/T10797-2007) set the unit; Company has a modern assembly workshop, precision parts processing workshop, research and development design center, the production operation center, is the present domestic for bag packaging machinery industry, the only a collection of r &d, design, production, sales and after sales in a body's comprehensive packaging machinery company.


Qingdao yilong packaging machinery company has always been committed to the constant research and development progress of China's packaging machinery, always USES the advanced international standards themselves, always with the achievements of industry leaders to actively participate in the international market competition. Its inception, the company has been with large foreign packaging machinery company and senior industry experts to establish relations of cooperation, digestion and absorption of fresh achievements and progress in technology, and actively explore the localization of packaging machinery products; After more than 10 years of development, the company's own brand products - YL series automatic type packing machine production stable performance, complete function, easy operation, won the unanimous favorable comment of customer, both at home and abroad currently has nearly thousand customers at home and abroad.


Qingdao yilong packaging machinery co., LTD., production to bag packing machine is directly instead of artificial mechanical automation production manual packaging production of advanced equipment. Automatic type packing machine adopts the world's most stable CAM mechanical transmission technology, make the equipment operation is more stable, low failure rate, low energy consumption, durable resistance to wear. At the same time, combined with cutting-edge advanced technology such as circuit structure, the automation of man-machine interface, realizing make packing machine automatic detection, information feedback, and other functions, if the absence of bags or bags won't open, not filling sealing equipment automatic control action, thus greatly save material and raw materials, ensure that packaging field environment. For bag packaging machine use frequency control of motor speed technology, change in different size bags, you just need to adjust a rocker complete all mechanical claw spacing transformation, operation simple and convenient, save time and effort.


After ten years of actively explore, Qingdao yilong packaging machinery co., LTD has grown to leaders in the field of type packaging machinery, industry standards, packaging machinery technology innovators. Company has been known for its technical advantages and product quality industry.Yilong brand also in more than 10 years of work has won numerous customers' trust.


We will not meet in front of success, because we always adhere to: make trustworthy products, be sincere and fast service. Qingdao yilong packaging machinery co., LTD. To become a global supplier of packaging systems for long-term development strategy, constantly insist on packing machinery science and technology innovation and development, research and development to customer demand for design starting point, pursues the quality as the base, service for the business philosophy, with advanced packing design concept and rich experience to provide you with the best integrated packaging solutions.