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What does “YILONG” stand for
Date:2012-06-11   Source:YiLong Packaging CO.,LTD Tag:Automatic Bag Given Packing Machine

  We often image What does “YILONG” stand for?

  In the past “YILONG” stands for struggle working, stands for “ has a big courage”.

  Now, “YILONG” stand for good honor, stands for initiator of standard industry,;Stands for advanced research basis place, high efficiency modern production line, large freely flowing selling network,Powerful cooperation companion of strategic , superior team of professional, Has a great of honors of international standard quality management system and “China famous brand”

  Future, “YILONG” stands for more things.

  For the market, stands for a high fame, high honor, high honesty.

  For customer, stand s for medium quality, “fast and sincere service”

  For distributor, stand for fortune, high confidence and has a common development.

  For employee, stand for opportunity, reward and contribution for the society.


  “YILONG” has big duty and a long jouney.

  If you sincere pay attention to “YILONG” you will believe and support, we has confidence to accept market completion , create “YILONG” is more beautiful and more powerful”