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  Rotary Bag given packing machine which replaces the manual packaging, for large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises to realize the automation of packaging, so long as the operator disposable will do a good job of the bag in the equipment bag fetching device, packaging machinery catch automatically fetching bag, date printing, bag opening, to a metering device signal measurement and fall material, sealing, output.automatic Rotary bag given packaging machine for sealing beautiful, high capacity, good sealing performance advantages of more and more favored by the majority of customers.

  Qingdao Yilong packaging machinery limited company is China to automatic bag given packaging machine industry standard drafting units, is the first domestic company set research, development, production to automatic Rotary bag given packing machine Professional Company.The company in 1999 and foreign Rotary packaging machinery company and senior experts to establish relations of cooperation, in the domestic production of stable and reliable quality, complete functions, strong versatility, convenient operation for automatic Rotary bag given packing machine.The company's existing customers at home and abroad to thousands of, YL-6S, YL-8S, YL-10S series of automatic rotary Rotary bag given packaging machine models have also increased to more than 60, to meet the customers in different sectors of the technical requirements of packaging.

  YL series automatic Rotary bag packing machine features

  ● YL series for automatic Rotary bag given packing machine using the world's most stable cam mechanical transmission technology, to ensure that each member to undergo a rigorous quality inspection, to make the equipment more stable and fast; the failure rate, low energy consumption, durable and strong wear resistance.

  ● In the aspect of the control system, the stability of the circuit structure, the user operation, simple maintenance, reduces the repair and maintenance costs.According to the special requirements of different customers, also adopts the man-machine interface, PLC, advanced technologies such as frequency control.

  ● The size of the packaging bag change the simple operation, only the handle can adjust the width of the bag clamping claw

  ● The opening of the packing bag detecting device, control measurement machine releasing material action, do not waste material.

  ● The use of prefabricated bag, bag device to put hundreds of bags, bag, by mechanical automatic opening, filling, sealing, output of product

  ● The sealing strength stability, sealing lines in appearance, consistency.According to the nature of the product may be additional cooling and sealing.

  ● Mechanical maintenance, maintenance convenient.Equipment mainly adopt the mechanical transmission, the majority of the bearing, reduce the oiling parts, simple maintenance.

  ● The operation is simple.The control panel has simple operation buttons, simple operation, convenient.