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Bag-Given Packaging Machine for liquid product

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   Liquid packaging machine can pack the bag style from flat bag, stand-up bag, side spout bag & so on. It can match the liquid filler packing the fabric softner, washing detergent, hand soap liquid ,sauce, juice & so on. It have stronger & beautiful sealing to guarantee the sealing result meet customers needs.

  ●The packaging machine control filling signal to avoid wasting materials..
  ●No bag or not opening bag will no filling and sealing to avoid wasting bags.
  ●We use the mechinical cam working style which is the most stable working method in the world to guarantee we can have good quality & easy maintain packaging machine with faster speed & lower lower power consumption & durable use every day.
  ● The packaging machine adopt stable circuit structure & human-machine interface & PLC & advanced technologies such as frequency control to provide easier operation & lower maintenance costs.
  ●The packaging machine adopt Mechanical cam then reduce the oiling parts using & easier maintain in everday use.
· Technical Parameters 



According to your different products & packaging machine

Bag style

Stand-up bag, flat bag(3sides & 4sides bag),PE bag, gusset bag, zipper bag.

Sealing method

Hot sealing


Soy sauce, cooking oil, tomato sauce, fruits pastes, chili sauce, juice, 

hand soap liquid, fabric softner & so on.

Machine size


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